Sunset Shimmer is the main antagonist in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, the tritagonist in Rainbow Rocks, and the main protagonist of Friendship Games.
Sunset shimmer by memershnick-d686don


Sunset Shimmer was formerly evil, cruel and dishonest in the first film. Since the second film, she is nicer and joins the good side.


Seek revenge on Twilight Sparkle and take all over of Equestria (first film; formerly)


  • She is a former student of Princess Celestia.
  • Sunset Shimmer is similar to Starlight Glimmer as they did many things in the past as evil before they were reformed by:
  • They had hatred towards Twilight Sparkle
  • Both were antagonists.
  • They became sneaky, cruel, and dishonest.